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Monthly Rent

Upper 2 BR with One (1) Car Attached Garage

With Out Washer & Dryer


Upper 2 BR with Two (2) Car Attached Garage

With Out Washer & Dryer


Lower 2 BR with One (1) Car Attached Garage

With Out Washer & Dryer


Lower 2 BR with Two (2) Car Attached Garage

With Out Washer & Dryer


Upper 2 BR with One (1) Car Attached Garage

With Washer & Dryer


Upper 2 BR with Two (2) Car Attached Garage

With Washer & Dryer


Lower 2 BR with One (1) Car Attached Garage

With Washer & Dryer


Lower 2 BR with Two (2) Car Attached Garage

With Washer & Dryer


Leasing Information

Application Fee:  $25 per married couple or $25 for each adult. 

Lease Term:  Variable, 12-months is standard, but we may be able to customize to your needs.  

Refundable Security Deposit:  $500 per person.  The number of occupants is limited to four (4) per unit.

Utilities and Maintenance

Owner Pays:  Maintenance, Repairs, Lawn Care, & Snow Removal

Tenant Pays:  Electric, Water, Sewer & Trash Removal

Resident Selection Criteria

The management of Oak View Luxury Homes, LLC is working to keep its apartments safe and pleasant for our residents. Therefore, we use screening procedures to evaluate each prospective tenant before we rent. These procedures are listed below. Reasons, why an application may be rejected, are also listed. We urge you to read this information carefully before you complete an application. Please talk to the owners if you have any questions or need more information. We welcome applications from persons who meet our application standards.

An applicant is any person who will live in the unit or who will make or guarantee rent payments for the persons living in the unit. An applicant does not include any government or private agency that provides housing assistance.

Each adult (over 18 years of age) must fill out an application completely. Applicants with the same rental history and shared financial resources may fill out one joint application. If any information on the application is false, the application will not be approved.

We will review each of the following areas to determine the eligibility of each household that has made an application to Oak View Luxury Homes, LLC.

1. Income Eligibility. We require applicants to have a monthly income such that the amount paid for rent does not exceed one-third of their gross income or to show that they have successfully paid a higher proportion of their income for rent for at least one year. On the application, we will ask you to list all income that you want to be considered as part of your monthly income. Income includes salaries, health benefits, government assistance such as disability and AFDC payments, pension, interest income, and child support. Income includes Section 8 assistance.

2. Credit History. An evaluation of your credit history for the past years will be made taking into account your payment history, types of trade items, the number of credit inquires total outstanding balances, and other information supplied on the credit report.

3. Eviction & Landlord Complaint Checks. We will check for evictions or recorded landlord complaints. If you have been evicted from a previous apartment during the past two years due to the non-payment of rent, your application will not be accepted. (Exceptions may be made if the applicant can prove they were evicted because of roommate's failure to pay rent and that all the applicant's rental obligations were met.)

4. Landlord References. Your current and previous landlords will be contacted to verify your tenancy, timeliness of rental payments, and other tenancy related issues. If you have been evicted during the past two years for behavior that includes causing a disturbance, threatening other persons, damaging an apartment, or other reasons, your application will be rejected.

5. Income Verification. The income and employment information you supply will be verified. Applicants who are self-employed will be asked to submit the previous two years' tax returns to verify the amount of income. apartment or other reasons, your application will be rejected.

6. Criminal Report. The criminal report will show criminal records, most wanted lists, and national sex offenders. 

Cat and Dog

Pet Policy

Pet Policy:  Maximum of two (2) pets per unit with a breed weight limit of ninety (90) pounds.  Some breed restrictions apply. 


Pet Rent:  $25 per month per pet.

Refundable Pet Security Deposit:  $500 per pet.  $800 for pets under 1 year old. 

Procedures to Lease a Unit

Follow the procedures below to reserve a home or to establish your position on the priority list.

1. Call, Text, or Email. For up-to-the-minute availability call or text the on-site owners, Mark and Dawn Halliburton, at (920) 979-2731 or contact us via email at


2.  Complete a Rental Application. After you have read the Resident Selection Criteria above, Click here to complete the Rental Application.


3.  Complete a Pet Application. Please skip this Pet Application if you do not own a pet. All pets, including mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, rodents, or insects must have their owner fill out this pet application. Click here to complete the Pet Application.

4.  Mail, email, send text pictures, or Bring Your Applications to Us. Our email address is and our mobile phone is (920) 979-2731.

A non-refundable Credit Check Processing Fee of $25.00 is required with each completed Rental Application.

To reserve a home for you we require an Earnest Money Deposit of $100.00 to be submitted with every completed application. If your application is not accepted, the full earnest money deposit will be returned to you immediately. If your application is accepted, the full earnest money deposit will be applied towards your security deposit. If your application is accepted and you do not rent the unit, the earnest money may be withheld to cover the actual costs of renting the apartment to another renter; any unused portion will be returned to you.


Please mail or bring your application(s), Credit Check Fee(s) and Earnest Money Deposit to our office at:

Oak View Luxury Homes, LLC
225 Park Lane, Ste 1
Lomira, WI 53048-9327


5.  Review and sign the Rental Agreement and other documents. After your Rental Application is approved, you will be asked to sign your Rental Agreement and other documents. This can be done via mail or you may come to the office to sign them.

You may review a copy of the Rental Agreement and all other documents before you complete the Rental Application or pay any earnest money. The Rental Agreement and other documents are available from our rental office.

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